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Two Years of Fantastic Books | Recommended Reading, 2020-2021 Recap

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Over the past couple of years, I have shared some of my favorite books with all of you. From non-fiction for getting serious about your personal and professional development to engrossing fiction that will keep you reading through the night, all of my lists have featured books that I have truly loved reading.

My Recommended Reading Lists have been one of the most popular posts on my blog, and I'm so glad you have enjoyed them! Don't worry, they aren't going anywhere for 2022. In fact, at the end of this blog, I have a pretty fabulous announcement!

Now, you can find all of my Recommended Reading in one place! Below are links to every single list I have created since this blog started! Bookmark this page to return to next time you need a great read!!

Five Fantastic Books that Will Help You Grow While You Stay at Home

Remember that blog I wrote about how I quit my job and started my business about 30 days before a global pandemic changed life as we know it...

My first reading list was written for all of us looking for something anything to do during those early days of lockdown. We all felt a little stuck, so this list has some of my favorite books that I've gone back to again and again for personal growth. Now that we are out and about again, I still stand by my recommendations. These fantastic books are still amazing reads, no matter where you read them!!

5 Fabulous Fiction Books You Need to Read

Picture it: Me and Pixie, a bottle of champagne, all the blankets, and the perfect page-turner. I have high standards for my fiction books, so when a book can keep me reading for an entire afternoon and well into the night, it's a winner.

While these books aren't my all-time, ride or die favorites, the books in this list all wow-ed me. They each offer a little something different. If you haven't read them, I highly suggest it!!

Four Fabulous Fiction Series You Need to Read!

I think we are all aware that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. To quote this blog, "These are my favorite books that have ever been written ever in the history of human civilization." So you could say it's pretty serious...

Most of humanity has read Harry Potter at this point. If you've been holding out, I don't even care what you're doing. Go. Now. Read it. Report back when you love it. We will sort you into your house. It'll be a whole moment.

For those of you who have joined Dumbledore's Army and are looking for another series to dive into, I highly recommend the rest of the series in this list!