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What exactly is a keynote speech? How is Karli different from other speakers?

What's a keynote?

Keynote speeches are a style of delivery. They’re not so much dependent on a topic, but more on the amount of people in an audience. When there is a large group gathered all together in one room it affects the pacing of the presentation, the materials needed, and the type of interactive activities or moments you can create.

Keynote presentations are often seen at large gatherings like corporate retreats, regional or national conferences, large virtual events, or any other large-scale gathering where the full group is brought together with the intent of receiving messaging aimed at everyone regardless of their role.

Many times people are chosen to be keynote speakers for 3 reasons:

  1. Because they are experts in their topic

  2. Because they are charismatic presenters

  3. Because they are famous

The third one is cool, for sure, and is consistently a desirable category.

But it’s usually the most expensive option, and fame is not necessary to receive a quality keynote speech nor is it any indicator that someone is a good or effective speaker.

Most often, we see the first two.

Either the speaker is chosen because they are a subject matter expert or because they are really talented at delivering a presentation that is motivational, inspiring, emotionally charged, or entertaining.

Ideally, you get someone who is a charismatic expert.

This is where I come in!

I am an expert in professional development training, I focus on skills development and leadership philosophies, and I specialize in women’s leadership. And I do it all through interactive, high-energy presentations with humor and positive intensity.

I’ll give your team an inspiring yet practical keynote address that will leave attendees energized with actionable takeaways.

Some of my most successful keynote topics are:

  • All Aboard the Hot Mess Express (Professionalism skills)

  • Microphones Don’t Bite (public speaking and communication skills)

  • Icebreakers & Teambuilders: How can we make them suck less? (teambuilding strategy)

  • Support is a Verb (networking, professionalism, communication)

Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your event and leave a lasting impression on your team!

Schedule a completely FREE consultation with me so we can decide where to start. Grab a time on my calendar now.

Stay Excellent,

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About Karli

As the owner of Karli Sherman Productions, I am a professional speaker, leadership coach, and executive coach. I help companies, campuses, and individuals to level up and grow through professional development workshops, intensive coaching, and keynote presentations.

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