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How many times have you seen someone pick up a microphone only to ask the group “can everyone hear me without this?!” and put the mic down? We’ve all seen it. We may have even done it. And guess what - they just broke the number one rule of microphones.


Whether it’s presentations at work, acceptance speeches, toasts at parties, leading meetings, or telling a story to a table full of dinner guests, we all speak to groups. Let’s explore some of the “rules” of communicating effectively to a group. And there’s some practical tools - like understanding the anatomy of a microphone or harnessing the power of the pause - which can level up your communication skills.

Learn some interesting and useful tips for addressing groups from a national speaker and facilitator! Get ready to engage, and rethink what you know about the logistics and practice of verbal communication, and find out about that number one rule of microphones!


We all have a support system in our lives, and, hopefully, we are part of others’ support systems as well! But do you know the difference between a Supporter and a Cheerleader? Which one are you?


In this session we will explore this concept, reframe what support looks like in practice, and actually take action to support local businesses, friends, family, non profits, organizations, or projects we value. This is a participation- and discussion-based presentation, so get ready to flex your support muscles, share, and take some action!


​Did you even think you could have fun talking about managing conflict?? This​ behavior assessment and workshop reframes ​the very concept of conflict.

Find out if you are a Turtle, Fox, Owl, Shark, or Teddy Bear! Let's​ learn ​about our ​innate conflict management style ​and its​ corresponding animal, and how teams can work together and communicate more efficiently through all types of conflict.

Bonus: This session involves stuffed animals. You know you love it.


“Professionalism” is a pretty broad term. And we won’t attempt to tackle it entirely, but instead focus on a few specific, practical points. Do you know why the phrase “work/life balance” is not only unhealthy but kind of damaging? Do you know the anatomy of a good handshake or hug? 


This session dismantles some common “professional” tropes and philosophies, while reframing others into useful - and maybe even FUN - tactics for leveling up your interactions and mindset. This is your chance to rethink some of the “rules of professionalism” in a new, interactive way!


I have a challenge for you. Are you up for it? 

It’s a pretty simple task, but it may rock you to your core. So buckle up, Buttercup, we are about to define our Values.


We all give a crap about stuff. But we can’t give a crap about everything. So we choose. We choose what we value, what we prioritize. Those values can actually help us lead a better, healthier, more fulfilled life. And isn’t that what everyone is out here trying to do anyway?!

This is not a sit-and-listen presentation, so come ready to dive deep and have some fun with Values!


Icebreakers and Teambuilders - from “the human knot” to sharing fun facts based on skittles colors, they start off organizational trainings and entertain us at baby showers, we all do them all the time... but do we really know why? What is their actual purpose?


Let’s explore the original goals of these activities, many of which have become over-simplified or trite, and how we can utilize them better. If we learn the basis upon which icebreakers and teambuilders are built we can actually create meaningful connections between team members rather than doing an activity for the sake of an activity! These activities can have real value! Let’s break the ice and build our teams better!


Do you need a formal title or position to be a leader? Can we lead from within a team? We will go down the yellow brick road on a leadership journey with the characters from The Wizard of Oz to understand the philosophy of Courageous Leadership. 


Get ready to learn about bold communication choices, emotional intelligence, the art of good handshakes and hugs, and more practical tools we can use in everyday leadership.


Let’s state the obvious: everyone has a unique vibe and communicates differently. 

“Different” isn’t bad - actually it’s wonderful and necessary! - but inherent differences in the way each of us interfaces with the world can lead to miscommunication and conflict. That means working together as a team, family, campus, or staff will be challenging at some point!


True Colors helps individuals understand not only our own strengths and challenges, but also those of our teammates. This is a time-tested, research-based, user-friendly temperament and personality typing program that addresses communication, learning, conflict, teambuilding, diversity & inclusion, and collaboration.


Are you ready to deepen your understanding of your innate characteristics?

Do you want to create better human connection? 

Are you ready to actually HAVE FUN while learning about yourself and your team?


Then get ready to let your True Colors shine and find out what it means to be a Green, Blue, Orange, or Gold!


Networking may conjure up images of uptight professionals in suits walking around a room handing out business cards - a seriously boring, shallow interaction between everyone present. So then why all the emphasis on "networking" and "building your network"? 


How are some people able to talk to anyone?  How do some people make others feel safe, build trust, or make us feel like we want to be their best friend in just minutes?  I’ll show you!  


Better human connection is the key to “networking,” i.e. building better relationships in life, business, college, friendships, dating, and beyond. In this session we will *actually* engage in quality human interaction and practice building authentic relationships. Get ready to get social with The Social Excellence Project. You’ll never think of networking the same way.


Are you tired of the “work/life balance” and “self-care” conversations ending with surface level platitudes like “take a bubble bath” or “pet a fluffy dog”? Because I am. Bubble baths provide fleeting pleasure, but we are seeking meaningful connections, lasting fulfillment, and joy. And no bath, no matter how bubbly or bombed-out, can provide that…sorry. 


Through the lens of Social Excellence we will explore the importance of engaging in your interests and communities through curiosity, generosity, authenticity, and vulnerability. Let’s take the time to get creative, and even brainstorm a personalized involvement plan based on Social Excellence. This is your chance to take action on creating the full and fulfilled life you want and deserve!



Not seeing exactly what you were looking for? We can work together to customize a training for your team. You can choose the length, style of delivery, & topic. Then we will collaborate to create the exact training your team needs.

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60-90 minutes per session

Single Session





6 - Unlimited

For less than 6 attendees

consider Small Group Coaching








Included in Price

Initial Consultation

Pre-Workshop Design Call(s)

Customization of Presentation

All Materials Needed

Follow Up Conversation

Prices Starting at $2500

Looking for Small Group or Indiviual Coaching?

For individuals and groups smaller than 6 people, I provide Leadership Coaching! To learn more about my approach to Leadership Coaching, visit the Coaching page on my website.

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