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with Karli Sherman

Stand Up Meeting

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching, whether individualized or within a group setting, focuses on helping you reach your highest potential.

Traditionally, Executive Coaching supports career-based goals, helping you succeed as a leader in your field. With Karli Sherman Productions, you'll receive coaching aimed at supporting you both personally and professionally, guiding you in living a full, fulfilled life. 

I believe in finding out what makes you YOU, what makes you the best version of yourself, and focusing on that. ⁠

We all have weaknesses and struggles, but we would spend twice as much time and twice as much energy to only move the needle on those a tiny bit. ⁠

A true weakness will never become a strength. It can improve, true, but it will never become one of your top talents.⁠

So instead, by focusing on strengths, we can spend half the time and effort to improve and grow twice as much!

Watch this video to learn more!

My style of coaching is strengths-based.

My Strengths-Based Approach

Who needs an Executive Coach?

Are you a manager, mentor, or advisor?

Are you thinking of making a career shift or switch?

Do you want to move up in your career?

Do you want to create better relationships?

Do you want to continue to learn and grow?

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Coaching = A Meaningful Relationship


It's about creating a relationship that mirrors the relationships you can develop as a leader and professional. 

That's why a one-time meeting isn't really offered. It takes time to develop a relationship with a Coach, and with yourself as a growing professional. It also takes time to really dig deep and reflect on the questions and information we discuss together.⁠

Each session is 1 hour in length and can be virtual or in-person. We focus intensely on the individual's strengths, values, and goals while diving deeper into individual leadership and growth.

Coaching is an extended relationship to ensure goals are set and reached, information is retained, and development is achieved.

As a TrueColors Certified Facilitator, I use the TrueColors personality typology to inform my approach to Executive Coaching!

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