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10 Incredible Quotes from Think Again by Adam Grant

Usually, I'll give you a ton of great books to read if you loved this month's Book of the Month. But this month's Book of the Month Think Again by Adam Grant had SO many quotable bites and nuggets I just HAD to share a few of them.

You see, I made the mistake of listening to this one on audiobook. And the audiobook was great, don't get me wrong. But I feel like I NEED a physical copy just so I can highlight the heck out of it. Because let me tell you. Those little nuggets he drops are SO good and yummy.

Here are just a few that I loved!!

  1. “A mark of lifelong learners is recognizing that they can learn something from everyone they meet.”

  2. “It’s a sign of wisdom to avoid believing every thought that enters your mind. It’s a mark of emotional intelligence to avoid internalizing every feeling that enters your heart.”

  3. “We laugh at people who still use Windows 95, yet we still cling to opinions that we formed in 1995.”

  4. "Good teachers introduce new thoughts, but great teachers introduce new ways of thinking."

  5. "Choosing a career isn’t like finding a soul mate. It’s possible that your ideal job hasn’t even been invented yet."

  6. "It takes humility to reconsider our past commitments, doubt to question our present decisions, and curiosity to reimagine our future plans. What we discover along the way can free us from the shackles of our familiar surroundings and our former selves."

  7. "Whether or not we have the opportunity or appetite for major changes in our lives, it’s still possible to make smaller adjustments that breathe new meaning into our days."

  8. "Our happiness often depends more on what we do than where we are. It’s our actions—not our surroundings—that bring us meaning and belonging."

  9. "We don’t have to upend our entire paths to rethink some of our plans."

  10. "Our identities are open systems, and so are our lives. We don’t have to stay tethered to old images of where we want to go or who we want to be. The simplest way to start rethinking our options is to question what we do daily."

Feel free to share ANY of these quotes on social and tag me @karlishermanproductions!

I'd love to hear which quotes from Think Again were your favorite!!

Stay excellent, friends!

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