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5 Books to Help You Celebrate the Power of Introverts

If you're an introvert like me, then you've probably felt a little misunderstood at times.

You see, society really really hypes up extroverts.

But guess what? There's this awesome power to being an introvert that isn't talked about as often.

Society needs introverts! If we only had extroverts in the world, things would fall apart real fast. So embracing your qualities and strengths as an introvert is an amazing way to be more excellent and make an impact!

And extroverts, if you're reading this, we love you. And we love how much you enjoy being around other people all. the. time. You're super fun. But we'd really love for you to take the time to understand us better!!

So today I want to share five more books for anyone who wants to dive deeper into what it means to be an introvert (and totally rock it)!!

At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over working in teams. It is to introverts—Rosa Parks, Chopin, Dr. Seuss, Steve Wozniak—that we owe many of the great contributions to society.

In Quiet, Susan Cain argues that we dramatically undervalue introverts and shows how much we lose in doing so.

You shouldn't be surprised that Quiet is at the top of my list!! This fantastic book is my Karli Sherman Production June Book of the Month, and it is the perfect place to start if you want to learn more about what makes introverts tick.

Who Should Read It?

  • Introverts & extroverts just beginning to dig into what it means to fall into either category

  • People who manage or lead other people

  • Introverts who want to keep up with the latest titles that explore what it means to be an introvert

Would you rather get a root canal than schmooze with a bunch of strangers? Does the phrase “working a room” make you want to retreat to yours? Is small talk a big problem? Devora Zack used to be just like you—in fact, she still is. But she’s also a successful consultant who addresses thousands of people each year, and she didn’t change her personality to do it. Quite the contrary.

Zack politely examines and then smashes to tiny fragments the “dusty old rules” of standard networking advice. You don’t have to become a backslapping extrovert or even learn how to fake it. Incredible as it seems, the very traits that make you hate networking can be harnessed to forge an approach even more effective than traditional techniques. It’s a different kind of networking—and it works.

Networking doesn't have to suck. In fact, I have a whole workshop on this topic. Because most people, whether they are introverted or extroverted hate networking. Check out this book to learn more about how we all can be better at networking and make it a great experience for everyone involved!!

Who Should Read It?

  • People who hate networking

  • Introverts who would rather stay home

  • Extroverts who don't understand why networking is so draining for introverts

FDR and Eleanor. Mick and Keith. Jobs and Woz. Siskel and Ebert. Sandberg and Zuckerberg. History is filled with many examples of successful introvert - extrovert partnerships. Opposites like these can make brilliant products and great works of art and can even change history. But great introvert - extrovert partnerships don't just happen. They demand wise nurturing. Without it, they can implode.

Bestselling author Jennifer Kahnweiler offers a five - step process that will enable introverts and extroverts to work together harmoniously and achieve more than they ever could on their own.

Like I said before, the world needs both introverts and extroverts because they both bring something unique and wonderful to the table. When introverts and extroverts learn how to work together, they can balance each other out and create some really cool stuff!! Check out this book to learn more about how introverts and extroverts can work together.

Who Should Read It?

  • Literally anyone - because guess what? We all work with different personalities than our own

  • Team leaders who want to understand how to facilitate great teamwork

Introverts gain energy and power through reflection and solitude. Our culture, however, tends to celebrate extroversion. The pressure to get out there and get happier can lead people to think that an inward orientation is a problem instead of an opportunity.

Helgoe shows that the exact opposite is true: introverts can capitalize on this inner source of power. If you're looking for books on self-confidence and introversion, Introvert Power is a blueprint for how introverts can take full advantage of this hidden strength in daily life and move more confidently in the world.

Introverts love to take time alone to reflect. Solitude is their jam - it's what helps them recharge. In this book, learn how introverts can embrace this trait and use it to do some pretty cool things.

Who Should Read It?

  • Introverts who need a lot of alone time

  • Extroverts who don't know how to be alone

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to be better at slowing down to reflect

Feel like you’re trying doing a bad impression of an extrovert, or you’re a “party pooper” because you turn down invites? If you have (1) felt massive relief at cancelled plans, (2) had mild to huge annoyance in huge gatherings of strangers, and (3) want to figure out how to socialize better and more effectively without social fatigue, this book is for you – written by someone exactly like you.

Introvert Survival Tactics is going to shed light on exactly how you function, and how to use your tendencies to your advantage. Social survival tactics for your most demanding social obligations.

Introvert Survival Tactics takes you on a tour of self-discovery, and allows you to understand your exact wiring and why you dread things that other people seem to look forward to the most. You’ll be armed with specific and actionable survival and party tactics to get the most out of your social energy and make an impact every time. Make the best impression even when you’re socially exhausted (especially if you’ve been told you look “unapproachable”).

Every introvert knows the pain of having an event you absolutely 100% cannot skip, but feeling 100000% over being social. This book is full of actionable advice to help you make it through those times when you just can't people, but unfortunately you have to.

Who Should Read It?

  • Introverts who really really wanted to stay home.

  • Extroverts who invited their introvert friend to hang out

  • Anyone who wants to show up at their best, even when they don't feel like it


All of my introvert and extrovert friends, I hope you found something to add to your "to-read" list!

Want to have a conversation about any of these topics? Reach out!!!

I'd love to chat about how my workshops & executive coaching packages can help you and your team embrace introverted and extroverted qualities and work better together!

Stay excellent!!

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