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The Art of Reflection | Executive Coaching Insights

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered why you had to do all that homework in school?

What was the purpose of all that?

Didn’t we just talk about this stuff in class today? Then why WHY do I need to do it again at home tonight??

There’s actually a reason behind the madness.

It’s just that no one ever explained it to us.

The idea is…

Once you “learn” something, you solidify it and make meaning from it by debriefing it afterward.

Reflection accelerates learning and motivates us to act.

We use the word “learning” quite loosely.

But here’s the reality:

Learning IS NOT simply the acquisition of knowledge.

That's only Step One.

First, we receive information, gain knowledge.

Then, Reflection is the meaning-making part of learning.

Finally, we do something with that now meaningful information, we incorporate it into our lives somewhere.

You have to have all three parts.

So just like the intention behind all that homework, we need to be regularly and formally debriefing our experiences.

That’s how we create meaning from them.

That’s how we learn from them.

And that’s how our decisions and behaviors will be affected moving forward.

So next time you:

- attend a training

- do a teambuilder/icebreaker