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True Colors in Your Workplace (& Other Guidelines for Navigating True Colors at Work)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

It's not always easy to self-evaluate, especially in a work context.

True Colors can help achieve this while providing a solid foundation to build upon individually and with a team. But when it comes to introducing True Colors to your workplace, you want to do it the right way! I've come up with a few DOs and DON'Ts that can help you and your team get the MOST out of your True Colors experience!

Here are my ground rules for using True Colors with your team:

DO: Talk about True Colors With Your Coworkers!

How can a team grow and level up after a workshop if you never discuss the things you've learned? Make it a part of the conversation!

DON'T: Weaponize True Colors

Topics centering around our personalities are, well, personal. It's how we see and interface with the world, so it shouldn't be used to tease or belittle a team member. When touching something personal, even light jokes can feel like a direct insult or attack.


DO: Stay Curious

Take an opportunity to develop your skills of self-observation and self-awareness by looking deeper into your brightest colors.

Read more about your personality type and ask questions about how colors manifest differently in others.

DON'T: Make It the Topic of Every Team Meeting

The purpose of True Colors is to help with team development, but it's not the sole method of professional introspection.

Bringing up our colors at every meeting won't do much for your team other than causing burnout. It's more productive being brought up periodically, rather than constantly, as it helps to increase retention and create change in the work culture.


DON'T: Hire/Fire by Type

A color type doesn't make for a better or worse employee/teammate, nor does it predict one's performance and job skills.

True Colors shouldn't be used as part of the job application process, but rather utilized to help bring cohesion in the workplace and understanding amongst coworkers thanks to deeper knowledge and respect of temperaments.

DO: Have a Visual Reminder

Try displaying any True Colors or team reports, graphics, workbooks, or fun workshop creations around in your workspace. Having the information you learned on hand can make it easier to retain in your mind. Not to mention, they can also be excellent conversation pieces!

You and your teammates can also help decorate each other's workspace by making holiday or