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How Can True Colors Help My Relationship With... My Colleagues?

We spend a huge chunk of our daily lives - a huge chunk of our entire lifetime, in fact - at work.

Check out these stats:

The average employee in the US spends nearly 1,800 hours per year at work.

That’s the average.

And the average US citizen spends ⅓ of their lifetime at work.

That's an average of 90,000 hours of a person’s life.

Which then means we spend a whole bunch of time with the people we work with.

Whether you are personal friends with your colleagues or not, most of us spend a very significant amount of our daily, weekly, yearly lives with our coworkers/bosses/clients/managers/partners/employees…let’s just call them all collectively “colleagues.”

If we are spending so dang much time with these people, we better figure out how to function successfully with them.

We *HAVE TO* be able to understand and work with those around us.

Understanding the basics of personality - the way people think and why they are motivated to act in a certain way - is a core piece of being able to do just that.

So what can True Colors do for ME and my colleagues?

Here are just 3 of the many ways True Colors can help you and your team level up your work life:

1. Teambuilding

This workshop teaches inefficient teams to be more productive or helps efficient teams reach their optimal best.

Self-discovery is the beginning of the True Colors process. I customize the workshop to the needs and goals of your organization, and my first step is to take every team member through a True Colors workshop of self-discovery.

I ensure you and your team gain a full understanding of the personality profiling language. This shared language creates greater self-awareness and appreciation of others.

This has immediate results: improved communication, reduced conflict, greater collaboration, improved teamwork.

2. Communication

The challenge most organizations face is not understanding the complexities of successful communication.

This is a real skill many people need to learn because it’s (unfortunately) rarely something taught in classrooms, written on resumes, or addressed properly in interviews.

Poor communication increases conflict and loss of productivity.

In fact, internal communication is one of the biggest influences on employee engagement.

And engaged employees work harder, are more productive, are more likely to go above and beyond their role, and are happier and healthier employees!

Yet only 24% percent of North American workers report being highly engaged in their job.


Better communication = increased engagement = increased productivity + increased happiness and health!

3. Professional development that isn’t boring

One of the basic tenets of the True Colors program is FUN.

Because let’s be real…

…we are talking about personalities and temperament, not rocket science and policial crisis, ok?!

Myth: a presentation has to be serious or academic or boring to be legit learning.

Fact: You can have fun, be engaged, maybe even laugh AND learn real, meaningful information.

I take pride in my ability to deliver an engaging presentation, rooted in research, with a high-energy genuine excitement for the information.

Because I believe in this program and its benefits!

Guess what the biggest mistake people make with personality typologies is?

They learn their type………and that’s it.

*insert buzzer sound here*


I have heard so many people say, “Oh I don’t like all those personality tests. They don’t mean anything and they aren’t useful.”

Excuse me while I retrieve my eyeballs from the back of my skull where they have gotten stuck they rolled so far back…

This is a prime example of user error.

Not product defect.

Any personality or temperament assessment program should never just focus on you learning your type. We have to learn about and understand all the types - all four Colors.

It’s really the whole point.

That’s how we level up as a team.

  • We use the shared language we now all have on a daily basis.

  • We integrate our understanding of the Four Colors into how we deal with various team members.

  • We refer to someone’s brightest colors to understand their thought patterns, behaviors, or preferred way of working.

  • We adjust our communication to have the best interactions with colleagues based on our shared understanding of how we each think and work.

  • We use Colors to maximize our feedback, praise, brainstorming, sales, and processes.

Yes, True Colors can affect ALL of that - if you put it to use!

Learning how your Brightest Colors interact with your colleague’s Brightest Colors can be a game-changer for a workplace or team - no matter how long you’ve been working together!

Ready to bolster your team’s communication?

Ready to level up your ability to relate to and understand your colleagues?

Let’s do it!

Sign up for a True Colors private workshop with me!

Want to chat more about how it works?

Grab a time on my calendar for a FREE consultation.

Stay Excellent, y'all!!

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Thanks for the interesting article. Our company is constantly improving the software to facilitate the work of the personnel department.

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