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How Can True Colors Help My Relationship with...My Significant Other

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Check this out:

I recently did the True Colors assessment and workshop with my parents.

Besides being absolutely adorable, it was really cool to watch them read about each Color type and find themselves and their spouse in each description.

And because True Colors is strengths-based, it helped them understand some characteristics about themselves, and each other, that they may have previously interpreted as negative…just because they were different.

It has had a lasting impact on them, too!

They say things like:

“Wow, you are so dedicated to the family, it’s your Blue coming through…”, and:

“I know your Orange would love to invite everyone and their mother over for the holidays, but my Gold would love to preserve the tradition of having just us in our home on Christmas.”

So what can True Colors do for ME and my significant other?

What is your relationship built on?

What do you love about your partner?

How do you describe them?

Now, can you describe them without using examples??

Often when we are trying to communicate a point, and don’t have the language to accurately or efficiently describe what we are talking about, we defer to examples of the thing to communicate that thing.

This might sound something like…

“Omg Karli is so extroverted - ok not extroverted because I know she’s an introvert, but she likes being on stage and performing, I mean you saw how she was first up for karaoke - stuff like that!”

What that person was trying to communicate is that I am outgoing, sociable, and a natural performer.

Where did I get those descriptor words from?

The Orange description.

That’s because my theatrical side is where my Orange shines brightest.

So I want to ask again:

Can you describe your partner