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True Colors: Super Fun or Super Legit??

In the age of Buzzfeed quizzes whereby your favorite color and preferred type of pizza can tell you which Harry Potter character you most emulate, it’s easy to look at personality typologies and think they are in the same camp - a cute little quiz, just for fun.

So is it Fun or Legit?

While True Colors is definitely fun (that’s actually one of the basic tenets of the program all certified facilitators are taught when they train!), it’s way more than just a random category placement. This stuff is legit, based on lots of research, and has practical application in personal and professional environments.

Still skeptical?

Check this out:

This is Hippocrates.


I hear you saying. “Isn’t he one of those ancient Greek guys we heard about one time in like 8th grade?”

Yep, nailed it!

But he’s actually super relevant still today.

What’s he famous for?

Another great question, so glad you asked!

Hippocrates is called the “Father of Medicine” because of his revolutionary study and practice of medicine in those good ol’ ancient times.

In fact, every doctor, even today, swears to uphold the Hippocratic Oath - to Do No Harm - named after the man himself.

But he was interested not only in the physical systems of the human body, but in the whole human housed within that body, including their mind and personality.

So in conjunction with being a physician, Hippocrates developed the first personality typology. He created 4 personality categories (temperaments), which were named after, or linked to, what he believed to be an abundance of one type of bodily fluid in that person.


But you do you, boo.