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What Even is True Colors Anyway?

True Colors is one of several personality typologies which aim to assess individual temperament.

What does that mean?

This program uses a research-based, time-tested, user-friendly assessment (re: quiz) to take a measurement of our individual temperament.

The program addresses and categorizes common human behaviors and overarching tendencies.

And this isn’t a new thing.

There are lots of typologies for personality/temperament dating all the way back to Hippocrates in Ancient Greece. He was actually a physician and believed people’s tendencies toward certain behaviors or interactions were related to an abundance of different bodily fluids in that person….ew.

But you do, Hippocrates!

I mean he is considered the father of medicine and has the whole Hippocratic Oath named after him, so I’ll give him a pass.

Turns out, humans share overarching traits and qualities across time and geography (and every other identifier).

The way those traits combine and manifest in each of us is what we refer to as a “personality.”

So what’s the point of learning about these “personality” types?

There’s a lot of good that can come from understanding the various ways humans interface with the world!

1. True Colors gives us a shared language around our temperaments.

Have you ever been trying to describe something about yourself, and you just don’t know the exact word for what you want to communicate?

So you tell a story or give a practical example as a way of explaining that trait or behavior?

It happens a lot!

And that is one of the great things about this program - it gives you the actual words around what you are talking about.

It also gives us all a shared language around those traits, strengths, and behaviors. So you don’t have to use that story to explain yourself - you can just say it - accurately, succinctly, and confidently!

This is helpful not only in everyday conversations but also in those really important conversations like…

  • Job or award interviews

  • Dating

  • Problem-solving with your roommate or partner

  • Disagreements with friends

  • Describing why you are apt to engage in or avoid a certain task or activity

  • Giving reason and validity to the way you naturally prefer to exist in the world

So next time your interviewer asks “what is a strength you bring to the team…”

instead of bumbling around with half-explanations through partial stories, you can say…

“As a Bright Blue, I’m a natural relationship-builder. That means I can form a great rapport with our clients, and I can mitigate drama on the team by making everyone feel seen and appreciated!”

2. True Colors uses a self-identifying assessment

The True Colors assessment is a self-assessment.

We believe no one knows you better than you, so we trust you to answer as you really are at your core.

Then the results give you the language to name and claim what you innately know and feel to be true.

This process promotes reflection, and we know one of the most powerful tools for learning and development is… guessed it - reflection!

It requires you to use that beautiful brain of yours and think deeply about who you are and how you are.

It’s one of my favorite parts of the whole thing :)

3. True Colors is fun!

Literally, FUN is one of the basic tenets of this program!

Here’s the deal, this is personality and temperament…not rocket science. Not brain surgery. Not life-or-death, super serious, no smiles, hard-core stuff.

It’s important. It’s useful. It’s valid.

And it’s not life-or-death.

So if we aren’t having fun learning about ourselves and our teammates then WHAT are we doing?!

Also, I’m a super fun facilitator.

I know, I’m a little biased - BUT - I guarantee if I’m leading your True Colors workshop we are going to have some laughs, lots of energy, as well as some real, developmental conversations!

4. True Colors creates unity by embracing diversity.

By us each recognizing and celebrating how we are different - and being aware of all four different True Colors types - we can create unity in our team, family, organization, or staff.

Unity based on mutual understanding and shared language.

Unity based on respect for each Color’s strengths and talents.

Unity because we each have all four colors in us.

That’s why we need to understand and know all four Colors; because we each have some bit, however big or small, of each Color!

(Note: the lowest score you can get in any Color on the assessment is a 6 and the highest is a 24. No one gets a zero in any color and no one gets a 100. Humans are so much more complex than that dichotomous black and white, one or the other thing, aren’t we?!)

Ready to let your True Colors shine?

Set up a FREE consultation with me to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful program!

Ready to sign up for an individual True Colors coaching session? Order online here!

Stay Excellent,

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