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What The True Colors Logo Can Teach Us About Our Actual True Colors

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Have you looked at the True Colors International logo?

I mean really looked at it?

Check it out. What do you see?

Usually when I ask this question at home in south Louisiana, one of the first responses is “the hurricane symbol” which makes me giggle. Because, yes.

For reference, the Hurricane symbol:

But apart from weather symbols - what do you notice?


First, there are the 4 colors (orange, gold, green, and blue).

...Which are the names of the four types of personalities in this typology.

Four Colors, Four types, Four parts to the logo.

Nailed it!


Then we see that those 4 colors are in petal-like shape. As if the logo is a blooming flower.

Which it is!

Flowers are ubiquitously known for being welcoming and positive.

Many times, we give flowers to people for congratulatory celebration.

And True Colors is absolutely a celebration of our individuality, uniqueness, and talents!