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My Theory on Karaoke: Lessons Learned from True Colors

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

When was the last time you had a karaoke night?

Did you sing?

Did you cheer on someone else who sang?

What songs were chosen?

Did you sing along?

These are all important questions to someone with my personality type. In the True Colors spectrum I’m a Bright Green shaded by Blue, followed by Orange, and palest Gold. However, when we talk about our True Colors identity, we usually just report our brightest color(s) - I’m a Bright Green-Blue!

This method is great for simplicity of communication. But it also misrepresents one of the biggest truths of True Colors - we each have all four colors at work in us.

So I sought to find an example of one singular instance in my world which illustrates how all four colors manifest in me.

And I found that in karaoke.

First off, I LOVE karaoke.

My theatrical side - my Orange - lives for the performance. Give me a microphone, some words on a screen, and faster than you can say “lights, camera, action” I’m on stage with glitter on my face and jazz hands ready.

(Where did I get the glitter…?

I carry an emergency stash in my purse. Totally normal. Carry on.)

But, BUT!

The Gold in me tempers that Orange by only choosing songs from a pre-prepared list of songs in my head which I have practiced at length in my car, already know the words to, are within my vocal range, and span several genres and moods. Gotta be prepared, amiright?

Next my Blue takes over.

From this list of pre-prepared songs I need to choose one that’s a crowd pleaser.

Look at the audience.

What is their age range? What’s the vibe of the room? What song will they sing along to? Can we do a duet to include a friend?

Because, ultimately, karaoke is not about me as the singer.

It’s about the audience.

And how do we know all this?

Because over many years of taking a deep look at karaoke, thinking through the process of successful karaoke moments, and analyzing those processes, I’ve distilled that analysis down into a working theory of karaoke which has practical application with consistently positive results!

And if that’s not the most Green thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

I mean, seriously, who really creates a personal theory on karaoke?!?

….Greens. That’s who.

So karaoke is one of the activities where I can clearly see all four of my True Colors at play.

What is a time in your life when you have seen your Colors manifest?

Are there certain situations where a paler color becomes brighter?

Are there particular people who bring out a certain Color in you?

Now go out there and let your True Colors sparkle a little brighter today!

Shine on, y'all.

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