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One of the Worst Pieces of Pageant Advice

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

One of the worst pieces of advice I hear constantly given to folks preparing for a pageant is …. Just “be yourself.”

Here’s why I hate it:

1. It’s meaningless.

It’s a surface-level platitude.

It’s like saying you have “communication skills” or are “an organized person.” It’s so vague and can mean so many different things it essentially means nothing.

2. It’s not useful.

It doesn’t actually help you bring anything to the competition.

It doesn’t help you grow or learn about yourself.

It doesn’t help you actually prepare anything.

Here’s what I think they mean when they say that:

- Be authentic.

- Know who you are so fully and deeply that you can espouse those values through your words and actions.

- Genuinely express your true personality.

- Become self-aware enough to know what you value and be able to express it.

- Express confidence and confident humility.

Here’s what I say instead:

Be the best version of yourself!

Pageants are about seeking out and elevating excellence.

Therefore, to be successful (whether we win a title or not) we need to do the work on ourselves holistically (mind, body, spirit, emotion) and showcase ourselves at our best.

We bring our best hair and best makeup and snazziest dress, sure.

But more importantly - we bring our best energy, healthiest body, strongest emotional intelligence, most graceful movement, strongest mind, best organization, strongest social skills, best intellectual articulation of our thoughts, values, and goals.

That’s why pageants aren't fake.