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Why Pageants Aren't "Fake"

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

"Well, aren't pageants just all fake?"

Ooooh this one is one of my favorite things to hear…

I get this all the time.

As a response to me saying I’m involved in pageantry.

As a reason to not participate.

As a general misconception of the entire industry.

Are there fake people in pageants?


But are there fake people in your workplace? Your school? Your organization?


Fakeness and disingenuousness can show up anywhere.

We bring our best hair and best makeup and snazziest dress, sure.

But more importantly - we bring our best energy, healthiest body, strongest emotional intelligence, most graceful movement, strongest mind, best organization, strongest social skills, best intellectual articulation of our thoughts, values, and goals.

That’s why it’s not fake.

Even if we don’t show up every day of our normal lives wearing that makeup or sporting a set of hair extensions or talking about an organization close to our hearts, it’s not fake because it’s truly part of who we are.

It’s the best parts, all on display at once.

And let’s be real - who has the absolute best parts of themselves activated and on display Every. Single. Day?

Ummm no one.

And pageant contestants and queens are no exception.

But our training should include wholistic development of our best selves.

That way we can show up in a variety of situations with the tools to be our best selves - at work, at home, in an interview, on a stage, in the grocery store, doesn’t matter.

It’s a wonderful and important skill set for anyone and everyone to have!

Do you want to show up as your best self, no matter what situation is thrown your way? Are you looking for experienced guidance and support as you prepare to compete in your next pageant or prepare for the next stage in your career? Do you want to use strengths you already possess to #levelup and start showing up as the best version of you?

I work one-on-one with people like you to tap into your strengths to help you achieve your goals through Executive & Leadership Coaching and Pageant Coaching. Together, we'll identify how you can succeed in your personal and professional goals.

Ready to become the best version of yourself?

Set up a FREE consultation with me so we can discuss a plan for creating your path to excellence and learn how coaching with me, two-time Ms. Louisiana, can take your competition and yourself to the next level!

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