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The Social Part of Social Excellence

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Let's talk about the "SOCIAL" part of social excellence.

I wonder if some of the leaders we work with view “social” time as a waste of time?

As in, the “social” part is the stuff we do after the meeting, after work, after hours, in between the “real” stuff or the stuff that “matters.”

Do they see it as a nice thing to do to unwind?

Do they see it as extra, fun, unnecessary?

Is it what the less committed members of the team do?

If “social” is central to leadership, (spoiler alert: it is! Because all leadership is social.) then it’s not a waste; it’s an investment.

What if we use “being social” as more than a way to just unwind?


That might just be the key to connection and leveling up as a team.

Rather than naming it as the problem tagged to less involved members, could it be the very key to connecting and engaging the members who are drifting away?


The answer is yes.

Oh, don’t believe me?

Try it.


“Social” is not the thing we do after we finish with our “business” - it should be the way we do our business.

This is about investing in our people’s lives, investing in something bigger than ourselves.

That's civic engagement.

That's leadership.

That’s SOCIAL leadership.