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All Leadership Is Social

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

There are literally a bajillion definitions, opinions, and models of leadership.

Just google it. It’s a whole mood.

And I’m guessing you probably don’t care to sift through all that.

You just want to make defining your leadership style a little easier, a little simpler.

Oh and maybe even enjoyable!

The Social Excellence Project’s leadership philosophy is certainly just one of the bunches out there. But we're not here to teach you how to “leverage your authority,” how to “lead like a shark,” or how to “climb the ladder of leadership.”

We're here to remind you of one



powerful truth:


Let me say that again... All leadership is SOCIAL.

Your ability to connect, in meaningful ways, with real humans, determines your ability to lead.

Leadership happens in the space between you and other people. The way you fill that space will determine the extent to which you fill your leadership potential.

Great leaders fill that social space between them and the people they lead with curiosity...

They try to understand the world through the eyes of the people they're leading.

Great leaders fill that space between them and the people they lead with generosity...

They place the needs of their team at the center of their work.

Great leaders fill that space between them and the people they lead with authenticity...

They try as hard as they possibly can to be a fellow human with their followers, not a boss or a dictator or a taskmaster, but a real human with real emotions and fears and dreams.

Great leaders fill that space between them and the people they lead with vulnerability...

That's right - great leaders are vulnerable. They open up. They show weakness and uncertainty.

People follow people they know, people they trust, people they believe.

People don't care what you know, think, believe, or desire... until they know that you care about them.

Ok go with me here on this logic train:

If leadership only happens between and among humans…

And we know humans are social animals - we are driven by our innate desire for human connection…

Then leadership is a social endeavor…

And it stands to reason, then, that ALL LEADERSHIP IS SOCIAL!

Nailed it.

Want to talk more about YOUR leadership style?

How YOU can help your team level up and be more Socially Excellent?

I got you.

Follow me. DM me. Let’s chat.

Learn more about Social Excellence!

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