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How to Answer One of the Most Popular Interview Questions | Part One

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

"Why should we choose you for..."

(insert job / pageant / award / title / internship)

This question is a staple in every set of interview questions I’ve ever seen or used - as it should be.

Now watch out! It can be worded in a few different ways, but it’s getting to the same point.

It could sound like:

“What sets you apart from the other candidates/contestants?”

“Why do you deserve this award/title/role?”

“What would you do with this opportunity if given the job/title/award/internship?”

Don’t let the different phrasings get in the way; they are all asking for the same information from you.

In theory, this *should* be one of the easiest questions you can be asked in an interview.

I mean, it’s all about you - the best parts of you - and who knows YOU better than YOU?!

Yet, this area of questioning trips up SO MANY people.

This is your chance to shine!

So explain what you can bring to the table!

Here’s what the interviewer is saying:

I’m looking for someone who is self-aware enough to know what they bring to the table and self-confident and prepared enough to articulate it.

Two things to remember when preparing for this question:

1. This has everything to do with you and no one else.

Even if the question is worded as “why should we choose you over the other candidates/contestants” or any other way of framing this as “you against them” - that has no bearing on the answer.

Because my qualifications have nothing to do with anyone else’s.

Maybe they are just as qualified as me and would do just as good a job as me.


Maybe they suck. I dunno.

That’s not for me to say. That’s for the interviewer to figure out.

My job is to tell you why I would be great - not greater than someone else.

But great regardless of anyone else.