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The Excellence Part of Social Excellence

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Think about the last time you were introduced to a new person.

How did that interaction go?

What questions were asked immediately after meeting each other?

A lot of times the interaction goes something like this:

Friend: “Oh hey Karli, what's up?! Hey this is my friend Amanda from work. Amanda, this is Karli!”

Karli: “Hi Amanda!”

Amanda: “Hi Karli! So, what do you do for work…”

*or some other totally predictable, scripted question you have a perfectly predictable, scripted answer to*

In the world of Social Excellence we call these surface level, small talk questions:

Name Tag Questions.

As in, we have all have name tags on, so let the awkward questions and forced conversations begin *insert forehead slap emoji*.

Questions like:

What's your name?

Where are you from?

What do you do for work?

Where do you go to school?

What's your major?

How about this weather...

Name Tag Questions are perfectly normal.

Perfectly forgettable.

Perfectly average.

And - helloooo - we don't do average.

Ew. No.

Who even is Average? We don’t know her here.

We are interested in EXCELLENCE.

Excellence is not perfection.

It’s constant work. It’s a choice.

Excellence is doing more, doing better.

NOT better than someone else.

This isn’t the Excellence Olympics, we’re not keeping score, and you don’t get a trophy.

This is about leveling up.

Doing better than you did before.

Do more.

Be more.


Listen, Name Tag Questions aren’t inherently bad! They are a good starting point.

I’m just saying we can’t stop there.

We must move past the small talk into more meaningful questions so we can make a meaningful connection.

So next time you meet someone new, challenge yourself.

Maybe you lead with a Name Tag Question, but take the extra step. Level up the conversation. Make the choice to engage in a more Excellent way.

Because Social Excellence = meaningful connections = a better world

By the way... have you read about the SOCIAL part of Social Excellence, too??

Stay excellent!


Could you or your organization/team/staff use some help figuring out how to create those meaningful connections?

Are you wondering how you can take the conversation past Name Tag Questions?

Do you need some coaching on creating those authentic connections that lead to more friends, more clients, more members, more business, more success?


That’s EXACTLY what I’m here for. Let’s chat.

Grab a time on my calendar for a FREE consultation right now!!

Or learn more about Social Excellence on my website!

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