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When You Let It Go, You Let It Grow | Executive Coaching Insights

Here is a wonderful piece of professional advice I received many years ago…

"When you let it go you let it grow."

This is in reference to a project, an organization, a business, a leadership role, etc.

…especially one you originated or created or founded.

Here’s the deal:

When we’re in that kind of executive leadership/ownership position we invest 100% of our time, talent, and resources into that thing - that company, organization, role, etc.

Which is wonderful!

And as that thing grows we keep holding on tightly to it - to ensure its success!

And for a while that is exactly what that thing needs from us.

But at some point...

(And this is hard for many strong leaders to hear.)

At some point, we need to step back.

We need to hand it off.

We need to transition out.

We need to hire new and different people.

We need to turn it over to the next generation.

We need to trust in what we have created.

Because if we hold on too tightly for too long, we will stifle it.

Restrict it

Suffocate it

And that’s the opposite of what we want.

At some point, you need to let it go in order for it to grow.

You need to let it go so it can thrive - not thrive without you, but because of you.

Have you ever held on to something too tightly for too long?

How did you know when it was time to loosen the grip? To let it go and grow into something new or different or great?

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Stay Excellent!

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