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Virtual Holiday Celebrations: Advice from Priya Parker

I absolutely ADORE Priya Parker's book The Art of Gathering (Amazon). So of course, I subscribe to Priya's newsletter, which I also HIGHLY recommend. (You can do that here.)

In her latest newsletter, Priya talks about a topic that has been on a lot of our minds lately. How do we keep the holiday spirit alive when so many of our celebrations are virtual? Priya reached out to Ina Bernadetto, who is featured in Priya's book and is a well-known experience designer, for some ideas.

Here is what Ina said:

"All you need to do to go from a “party” to an “adventure” is have a mission and be in motion."

And ADVENTURE? Sign me up!

Want to find out how to turn your virtual party into an adventure? Download the PDF below to read the full newsletter excerpt!

Download PDF • 333KB

Wishing you and yours the BEST holiday season!