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The Starbucks Lesson in Leadership | Executive Coaching Insights

Check this out...

The executives at Starbucks have an interesting thing they do during their meetings.

They gather at their HQ for executive-level meetings, go to a conference room, have an agenda, give reports, etc., etc.

That isn’t what’s cool.

What's cool is that when they gather in that room for any business meeting, and everyone sits down - they leave two empty chairs:

One for their Customers.

And one for their Partners (Employees).

Bold. Move.

This is powerful because while we *know* everything Starbucks does- every decision, every policy, every product involves their customers and partners, because duh...

Having a physical, tangible, visual reminder can be a game-changer.

What can you bring or incorporate into your space, office, or team meetings that can engage more of our senses and reinforce our purpose?

What is a tangible way to reinforce the mission, goal, or motto for your team or clients?

-Why do you do what you do?

-How can you show me that during your meetings rather than just tell me?

How can you remind your team who or what they are working for beyond just words?

Who deserves an honorary seat at your table?