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Spice Up Your Zoom Meetings

Let’s be totally honest right now.

A lot of meetings in our regular life could be emails.

And now we have put those meetings online - and changed nothing about them - and they are even more painful to sit through.


It doesn’t matter if you have to change out of your pj’s or not, a meeting which doesn’t add value to your day/organization/job/team just sucks.

So let’s stop sucking at online meetings.

Now, honestly, that would require rethinking so pretty big picture concepts like the way we meet, even why we meet, and designing something new, innovative, and more effective.

And if you want to work on that together I am ALL IN!

Seriously, I would be so excited to work with such a forward-thinking team leader, message me immediately.

But for those who may not have the time or resources to redesign your communication process right now*, I’ve got some quick, easy suggestions for how to incorporate simple icebreakers and team-builders into your online meetings.

*Notice I’m not letting you off the hook, you still need to rethink how and why you have meetings, I just understand you may also have a meeting coming up today and want to make immediate change!

So, Karli, how do I spice up my Zoom meetings?

I am SO glad you asked!

Yall, we have to do better with these online meetings and gatherings. It’s time to level up. Change the status quo. DO BETTER.

Seth Godin says it so well in THIS BLOG

Here’s an excerpt:

Are you hooked yet? He makes some outstanding points I think any team would be interested in exploring.

And if you combine his suggestions with mine - you might just transform your group’s online experience together.

Go for it.

I dare you.

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