3 Amazing Socials Skills You Can Practice Literally Right Now Today

Updated: Jan 21

Listen listen listen…

You don’t need to be the most charismatic person or naturally outgoing to have good social skills. You just need to choose Social Excellence!

Choosing to be Socially Excellent is just that - a choice. Making the choice in a social situation to be more, do more, do better - and create a meaningful, positive impact.

And that doesn't have to be something huge or profound!

I know, because I'm doing the work to choose Social Excellence, too. Here's three simple, everyday behaviors that have leveled up my social skills:

1. Give a compliment randomly, genuinely to someone today.

When I notice something great or beautiful or awesome in someone, I speak it!

Bonus: Give multiple compliments, more than one person

Double Bonus: Compliment them on something other than their appearance



2. Ask someone for their thoughts, opinion, or experience before sharing your own.

I always thought when someone asked “hey Karli, what do you think about xyz?” and I respond with “hmm...well, what do you think?” that it would be totally weird. Then I tried it. And no one thinks it’s weird! By The crazy internal lies we tell ourselves, man….

Bonus: Use this as the actual response when someone directly asks for your thoughts, opinion, or experience. Usually, they just want validation from your answer first, so encourage them to express themselves and provide validation that way instead.




3. Shut up and listen!

This is about being interested in the other person rather than trying to be the most interesting person in the conversation.

Goal: Be Interested, Not Interesting.

When in conversation, instead of immediately responding with something about myself, I try responding with “Tell me more about that,” and encourage the other person to continue expressing themselves. This is one of my favorite tactics for taking conversations to a more meaningful level.



Stay excellent y'all.

Learn more about Social Excellence!

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