One Year of Questions for Personal Development

Updated: Jan 1

We can all agree. Mondays are THE. WORST.

Well to combat the horror that are Mondays, at the beginning of this year, I decided to do a Monday series. Each Monday, I shared one question. Just one question to encourage y'all to pause and reflect.

Most Mondays, you got to see my answer to the question. Sometimes my answers were serious, sometimes more lighthearted, but I know that EVERY question I answered helped me think a little more deeply about who Karli is. And that's the whole purpose y'all! To explore your wants, needs, hopes, fears. All of things that make you the amazing individual you are!

Can I tell you my favorite Mondays? My favorite Mondays were when y'all shared your answers with me and I got to see FANTASTIC diverse responses from an AMAZING group of people!

I don't want the AWESOME opportunity for personal development to end, so I'm offering all 52 questions as a free resource!

What?? ALL of them??


Below, you'll find a PDF download with a list of all 52 questions I featured this year. What a great way to jumpstart reflection heading into a new year!

Even if you've answered many of them before, I invite you to keep this list handy and return to every now and then. I guarantee, as time passes and you grow, your answers will change.

Stay awesome my friends, and Happy New Year!

(See ya, 2020!)

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