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You Can Do Anything for a Year | Karli's Philosophies of Life

Go with me back to August of 2011.

What were you doing at that time?

For me, it was a hot, sticky day in Tallahassee, Florida.

I had moved to Tallahassee a month earlier in preparation to begin my Master’s program at Florida State University. And, thus far, it had been pretty good.

I had found the essentials of when you move to a new city - a new grocery store, a new doctor, a new nail salon, etc.

I was ready!

Bring it on, grad school!

It may have been 3 years since undergrad, but who cares - I. Was. Ready!

Then came the First Day.

The first day of classes.

The first day of parking on a campus where 40,000 students get a parking pass and there are only 18,000 parking spaces.

The first day of my graduate assistantship.

The first day of my newly chosen career in Higher Education.

It was… not good.

In fact, it was really, really bad.

I was overwhelmed, underprepared, and felt totally bamboozled.

Turns out - I. Was. Not. Ready.

Angry, confused, pissed off, and tearful I called my best friend who was in her Ph.D. program at the time.

The same best friend who encouraged me to apply to grad school.

Who edited my application and Letter of Intent.

Who should have WARNED ME about what I was walking into!

She answered the call (yes I CALLED. I *never* make calls) with a bubbly “omg hi hows your First Day?!!”

I replied, “...Oh! My First Day?


How’s my FIRST DAY??!!!!

You lied to me, B****! This s*** is awful. I’m not doing it. I’m quitting.”

And I meant it.

She, on the other hand, …….laughed.

She laughed.