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“No” Is a Complete Sentence

So many of us, especially women, are taught (explicitly or not) that “no” should be followed by a comma and an explanation.

We are taught that “no” should be part of a compound sentence.

Fun fact: “No” is a complete sentence.





Of course if you *want* to offer further information along with your “no” then go ahead.

But we actually don’t *have* to.

But Karli, that’s weird…

I totally thought so too.

Turns out that is some societal garbage ingrained in our heads.

I promise it’s actually not nearly as weird or offensive or mean or rude (or any other synonym) as you think it is!

Don’t believe me?

Try it.

I dare you :)

And if you feel weird saying just one syllable as an answer then you can follow it up with a phrase that is not an explanation of justification (or straight up lie…you know you’ve done it).

No, thank you.

No, I can’t, so sorry.

No, thanks for inviting me though.

No, I don’t.

No, but thanks for thinking of me.

At first I felt awkward doing it.

Then I noticed no one cared.

Then it felt freeing.

Then it felt fun!

Now, it feels empowering.

My challenge for you is:

Say no + a follow-up phrase - an explanation.

And let me know how it goes!

Stay Excellent,

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