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What If We DON'T Go "Back to Normal"?

How many conversations have you had or heard recently about the world “going back to normal”?

Things are opening up again! Cool!

They are going *BâCk tõ ńØrMäL~

Ok, but, are they??

Are we connecting in the same ways?

Because the world has changed.

Everything has shifted.

How humans connect has shifted.

So what if we used that to our advantage?

What if we embraced the shift?

What if…we didn’t go back to normal…?

Hear me out:

Why go BACK to normal?

Why go backwards when we could move forward into something new, something better?

Back is static, it’s fixed.

We want to be dynamic.

And why go back to NORMAL?

Normal is average, it’s the status quo, it's comfortable, it’s basic.

And we don’t do normal here,


I get it, reverting back to the way things have always been is comfortable.

Normal feels safe, comfy, cozy.

It’s also stagnant.

There’s no risk, no excitement, no learning, no growth inside that comfort zone.

So get up, get out, get connected!

Get outside that comfort zone!

Ew, what comfort zone, we don’t even know her here, who is she, get outta here comfort zone!


Why go back to normal, when you can go forward to excellence?!

Because that is what real human connection looks like.

That is social excellence.

Now, I hear you asking, “Karli, how can I get outside my comfort zone? How can I not go back to comfy normal? Help meee!”

Y’all, That’s what I'm here for!

Let’s connect! Let’s schedule a quick chat to find out how you can make social excellence work for you.

I mean you just read a whole post about connection, so it would be kinda weird if we didn’t connect, right?

Don't worry, I got you.

Just email me, DM me, or submit the super simple info form on the Social Excellence website.

Stay Excellent, y'all!

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As the owner of Karli Sherman Productions, I am a professional speaker, leadership coach, and executive coach. I help companies, campuses, and individuals to level up and grow through professional development workshops, intensive coaching, and keynote presentations.

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